All About Anti-Tales (and a Conference Announcement, and a Bit of Snow White)

anti-tales conference posterLast year I had the opportunity to attend a conference at the University of Glasgow titled Anti-Tales: The Uses of Disenchantment. I also had the fortune of presenting a paper titled “‘Her Life’s No Fairy Tale’: Cinematic Reimaginings of Little Red Riding Hood as Wolf and Monster.” I also met a number of fine people, including the clever and gracious conference hosts Catriona McAra and David Calvin. There are two brief but engaging summaries of the conference, available here (Fairy Tale Cupboard) and here (Sussex Folklore Centre newsletter).

Next month I am attending the Myths and Fairy Tales in Film and Literature post-1900 conference at the University of York. I have the good luck of being placed on a panel with Catrionaand John Patrick Pazdziora (the latter gave a vivid presentation about James Thurber at the Anti-Tales conference). Catriona’s paper is titled “Surrealism and the (Anti-)Fairy tale,” John’s “‘A Story Short’: Towards a Critical Theory of Anti-tale.” I am very much looking forward to hearing their presentations, though I’m nervous about giving a paper alongside people whose work I admire!

My paper, “Red as Blood: the Persistent Theme of Female Competition in (Re)Tellings of Snow White,” follows both on my previous reflections on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and my curiosity about literary anti-tales versions of the story, which I learned more about from Jessica Tiffin, who gave a paper titled “Blood on the Snow: Inverting ‘Snow White’ in the Vampire Tales of Neil Gaiman and Tanith Lee” at the Anti-Tales conference. My paper explores anti-tale versions of Snow White, and their explorations of inter-generational female competition and jealousy.

The conference promises to be a real treat, and I’m really looking forward to it.



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3 responses to “All About Anti-Tales (and a Conference Announcement, and a Bit of Snow White)

  1. Hi Emily! Looking forward to seeing you again! Catriona x

  2. Thanks for the write-up, Emily. And what a great blog! Very much looking forward to seeing you in March.

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